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Discussion in 'VeriTalk' started by effectsToCause, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. souljah1h

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    How many confirmations does Bittrex need for deposits?
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  3. souljah1h

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    Thanks! :thumbsup:
  4. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

  5. Pittawat

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    When will Vrc can exchange to Vrm
  6. effectsToCause

    effectsToCause VeriCoin Creator Administrator

    Now! https://www.livecoin.net/
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  7. Alben

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    Vrc to Vrm swapping is fantastic. I wonder though if most people understand market spread. If the highest bid ratio is 10 and lowest ask ratio is 12.. that's up to a 20% loss in swapping. Until market makers step in and bring buyers and sellers closer together it won't be something people actually use. I just want to mention this as I don't want anyone to misunderstood. Right now 99% of my trading is on poloniex. Not trying to step on anyone's toes...but what's the best way to contact polo for adding verium? I see there support link but wasn't sure. My poloniex 30 day volume is over 300 btc so I hope if myself and other decent volume traders let polo know we would like to be market makers for verium, that may sway them if needed. @RAFAEL JOSE .. Think that would convince polo? Would you be interested in also messaging them if that would get verium added? I've turned 4k into 7k in 3 weeks of market making for Amps. Verium and Vericoin need volume. That makes market makers money and also improves liquidity which can attract bigger players and reduce the spread.
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  8. effectsToCause

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    I think this spread is because the market is brand new and not yet matured. I think slack, twitter and support are the ways to push them to add.
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  9. Alben

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    Maybe so. Though even vericoin has a high spread on livecoin right? This may get me to start trading on livecoin. Probably smart to diversify exchanges I use too.
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  10. Alben

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    @effectsToCause . If the swap addition to the wallet is added.. I'm assuming it'll essentially route the trade through livecoins VRC Vrm pair at market price? What about.. would the code be much harder to have limit orders set in the wallet instead of market orders? If I have 100 verium and I want 1000 vericoin I could only accept a swap that is at least 10 to 1 ratio. Right now if I tried to sell my 5700 verium at market price it'd crush the price (temporarily) and also give me a horrible ratio. If limit orders could be set that would also in effect add liquidity and decrease spread. But I don't know if that's doable. Even if not. At least having a limit in the wallet of what you are willing to accept as the ratio would be nice. I may misunderstand how you guys are doing this. Sorry.
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  12. souljah1h

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    I like the idea!
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  13. Vishera

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    Did anybody get in contact to get VeriCoin on an India based exchange?

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