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Discussion in 'VeriTalk' started by effectsToCause, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. effectsToCause

    effectsToCause VeriCoin Creator Administrator

    Bittrex is cool with adding VRM/BTC pair, but prioritizes adds based on demand, so if you want VRM/BTC pair on bittrex make some noise on their twitter, slack etc. At this point they are not yet interested in doing VRC/VRM pair as they haven't had any success with alt/alt pairs, but let's see how the VRM volume is, they may change their mind.
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  2. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

    Lets make this happen!
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  3. Will23

    Will23 Forum Staff

    Good news that Bittrex would consider adding the VRM/BTC pair.

    However, maybe it makes more sense to add the VRM/VRC pair first. This will build the link between Vericoin and Verium.

    If the VRM/BTC pair is added, then Vericoin might get overlooked by potential new traders.

    We ultimately can't stop the VRM/BTC pair being added, however, traders should associate Verium with Vericoin. It will be better in the long run.

    Maybe it is best to see what the other exchanges say?
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  4. Krazyrican20

    Krazyrican20 Veri Dedicated

    I haven't been on here for a minute. But why would a market want to pair VRM/VRC right now? There NO volume its less then $6k USD. These exchanges are here to make money. As I said in BTC unless theres a reason to have VRM/VRC trading that trumps bitcoin then its not going to happen and I've said that from the beginning.

    In my simple mind opinion there is no killer feature that pairs these two coins together that makes me say oh wow i can cut out bitcoin, they share DNA but VRM is not gold to VRC Cash. The one feature that would make me say that is if I sold VRC for VRM vise versa and the transaction is instant but as far as I know VRM has long transactions times for everything.
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  5. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    I would much prefer the VRC/VRM pair over VRM/BTC pair. We'll see what happens in the future, in the mean time, I'll hit up their twitter and make some noise.
  6. vtec2liter

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  7. ScottAllyn

    ScottAllyn ¿ʇɐɥʍ VeriAwesome

    I see allcaps and it may as well be gibberish. I just move along to the next message; nothing to see there.
  8. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    Yeah all caps is annoying
  9. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    I thought it was going to be in the wallet
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  10. vtec2liter

    vtec2liter VeriAwesome

  11. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    Good thats good
  12. CarpeExonumia

    CarpeExonumia VeriSocial

    Nut it wont function in the wallet until an exchange offers up a VRM/VRC pairing, from what I have read
  13. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    Of course
    Should be up within a week is what ive heard
  14. CarpeExonumia

    CarpeExonumia VeriSocial

    I've only seen/heard about VRM/BTC pairing, correct me if I'm wrong

    For VeriSwap though, VRC/VRM pairing is required
  15. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    I don't know if it's required, but I sure hope that there is going to be a pair.
  16. effectsToCause

    effectsToCause VeriCoin Creator Administrator

  17. vtec2liter

    vtec2liter VeriAwesome

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  18. DarkWolf

    DarkWolf VeriGreat

    That's great news, but we need vrc-vrm pair if we want vrm to act as a money reserve, right?
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  19. effectsToCause

    effectsToCause VeriCoin Creator Administrator

    Yes that is next
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  20. Alben

    Alben Member

    Sadly bittrex has so little volume the spreads are crazy. I could work on that I suppose. Any word from poloniex?

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