[Volunteers] Language Translators Needed

Discussion in 'VeriGlobal' started by amesterdamer, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. effectsToCause

    effectsToCause VeriCoin Creator Administrator

    I'm 25% finnish and this is eating my brain.
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  2. Reavon

    Reavon Veri Dedicated

    I would like to translate some stuff for you guys but dont have raw material yet and no system to do so. @amesterdamer
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  3. amesterdamer

    amesterdamer Forum Staff

    yup, I have some idea what can and should be translated. The FAQ is a must translate ( https://www.vericoinforums.com/faq/ ), maybe in the weekend I'll compile the text and links and I'll keep you all updated.
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  4. Reavon

    Reavon Veri Dedicated

    Maybe in future when nearly everything is translated we can pick the most complet languages and recreate our website into multi language
  5. Amalgamus

    Amalgamus VeriSocial

    It would be easy to create ASAP a forum titled "Verilocal" for instance and ask all who applied to be a translator to translate for opening their thread in their own language a traduction of a résumé of what Vericoin is all about, the link to supernet and so on...
    We only need the forum and followers will do their work like in bitcointalk...
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  6. amesterdamer

    amesterdamer Forum Staff

    @Amalgamus thats a good starting point. It's on debate and I'll give feedback soon.
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  7. Janek

    Janek Janek VeriIncredible

    Polish language - I would help.
  8. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    @Janek - Hell yeah dude! Thanks!
  9. cryptoArmanNL

    cryptoArmanNL Veri Dedicated

    I am from the Netherlands. If I can do something for vericoin in the Netherlands just ask.
    I will spend a lot of time for it.
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  10. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    Absolutely. Thanks!

    What languages are you fluent in?
  11. cryptoArmanNL

    cryptoArmanNL Veri Dedicated

    Youre welcome. My english is not that strong to be honest. I can save me well. My fluent languages is dutch. languages is not my strong point. But in the future there going to be a lot of dutch people getting interested in vericoin I am sure.
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