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    Share your VPS hosting details here. Trying to find a good host.
  2. CarpeExonumia

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    MS Azure are so far doing good out of them and Amazon EC2 as far as Verium mining goes.

    You get $125 free trial with Azure also.

    Of course it is only virtual CPU's unless you go Dedicated, but then big bucks


    If not for mining, then can't really go wrong with Digital Ocean. I have 34 servers with D.O.

    Get $10 free via →
    *Full disclosure - I get a kick back from above link also
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    I haven't got the time to tinker since making my post like last week it already feels like, but I have a Digital Ocean account and planned to attempt to just leave a Verium wallet running but could not get it going and just never got back to it. If it isn't set it and forget it easy, I just think the wallet can be improved.

    Someone could make a killing on a Steemit post that would give a tutorial on how to get a wallet running on one of those RPi things all the kids are talking about. But it would have to be step by step for the stupid, but simplified. Should be easy enough if it is a specific tutorial on just one kind of wallet and one piece of hardware.
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