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Discussion in 'VeriTalk' started by BitcoinPorn, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. BitcoinPorn

    BitcoinPorn VeriSocial

    If I could have someone set up a Verium wallet on a VPS, what is the easiest Linux version to use (latest 64 bit Ubuntu?), and how does one install the Verium wallet on that VPS?
  2. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

    Did you already find a host? Most have 1 click install for various Linux distros (debian/ubuntu etc).

    From @pnosker

    It's easy to compile this on Linux. Assuming you have all the dependencies as noted in the verium readme folder, you will just have to clone, go to src, then make -f makefile.unix. Then in ~/.verium you will create a file verium.conf with at least these lines:

    That will get you mining. If you want to be able to RPC connect to it, add the appropriate rpcuser=, rpcpassword=, server=1 lines to it.
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  3. CarpeExonumia

    CarpeExonumia VeriSocial

    I did test it on a $5 DigitalOcean droplet, imaged with Ubuntu 16.04

    Needed to install additional packages

    libxslt1-dev libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0

    Also, as I could not figure out how to mine via headless, so, I installed VNC using a 14.04 guide:

    Obviously, now I know you can do headless via the conf file lol.

    Then accessed the server/gui via my MAC over SSH Tunnel

    All up and running, but only getting around 130-140 Hashes

    In addition, I know D.O. do not like mining per se, so I installed cpulimit and set max to 80% of cpu usage.

    Decided to give it up as a failed job, but worthy job as the estimated block hit time was ridiculous and would be uneconomical.
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  4. BitcoinPorn

    BitcoinPorn VeriSocial

    Thanks for this CarpeExonumia. I think the VPS I will be given access to is on Digital Ocean so your information and testing is really helpful, I will drop down to 14.04 and try with that unless anyone knows what can or needs to be updated in the other install. Is this wallet something that should be worked on that make it a super clean easy install on all operating systems or is this the cause of the VPS ?
  5. CarpeExonumia

    CarpeExonumia VeriSocial

    The problem with DO is the number of processors

    on $5 and $10 you get only 1 processor

    on $20 and $40 you get only 2 processors

    on $80 you get 4 processors, but at that point you may aswell get a dedicated box somewhere with 6 to 8 cores

    Please feel free to try/test it though yourself.

    If running headless, I do not know how you get a readout of the Hashes you are processing

    It may well work better headless though as VNC and the GUI would be using up RAM and processor power to run QT
  6. CarpeExonumia

    CarpeExonumia VeriSocial

    Just got my RPi 3 mining Verium lol

    ~30 H/m
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  7. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

    Nice work lol, lets see if it can find a block :D
  8. CarpeExonumia

    CarpeExonumia VeriSocial

    It's been 4 days since my last block on my Mac at 1100 H/m so I'm not holding out much hope for the RPi - Enjoyed the exercise of getting it built and even running on the RPi though. Will let it run as it's doing nothing else at the moment.
  9. CarpeExonumia

    CarpeExonumia VeriSocial

    Managed to get the Hash/m up to 72 on my RPi

    I had mistakenly set cpulimit to 90 when I should have set it to (90 x # of cores[4])

    My RPi is now melting lol, well getting a little warm.
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  10. effectsToCause

    effectsToCause VeriCoin Creator Administrator

    Cool how much did you pay for that RPi?

    Interesting idea regarding this:

    Looking online you could get one for $40.

    At ~70 H/min you could buy about 70 RPi for about $2,800 and build a RPi farm for a total hashrate of about 5000 H/min. It seems to get this hashrate by buying computers you may have to spend about 2x as much if you assume at minimum it's $500 per computer which maybe can give you 500H/min, or at least competitive with computers. I'm impressed with what that RPi can do.
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  11. CarpeExonumia

    CarpeExonumia VeriSocial

    As it was my first RPi I think I paid around $60 as I bought the kit (16Gb card, case etc)

    But yes, just grabbing the M/B would be a bit cheaper and could be rigged up with several others to churn out a nice hash rate

    It is still going strong this morning too.

    I would imagine some kind of additional cooling would be needed for that number of boards though as they will get quite warm. Will save on heating bills in the winter though lol.

    Some info

    SoC: Broadcom BCM2837
    CPU: 4× ARM Cortex-A53, 1.2GHz
    GPU: Broadcom VideoCore IV
    RAM: 1GB LPDDR2 (900 MHz)
    Networking: 10/100 Ethernet, 2.4GHz 802.11n wireless

    Power consumption under heavy load: ~750 mA
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  12. CarpeExonumia

    CarpeExonumia VeriSocial

    Microsoft Azure 8 CPU

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  13. Eran

    Eran VeriSocial

    I'm looking for a tutorial on how to run a headless miner for VRM - im about to try and run it on 300 amazon instances.

    Can anyone please explain the details on that? (previous posts are missing some information)

    EDIT: got it, this is what you need:

    git clone

    sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev

    sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

    sudo apt-get install libdb++-dev

    sudo apt-get remove qt3-dev-tools libqt3-mt-dev
    sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev libminiupnpc-dev

    sudo apt-get install build-essential g++

    go to src, then make -f makefile.unix

    in ~/.verium you will create a file verium.conf with at least these lines:
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  14. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

    Thanks for sharing this information! :thumbsup:
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  15. Eran

    Eran VeriSocial

    I've got it running, but i can only get 1 connection (no firewall, all ports open)
    when i go to getmininginfo "currentblocksize" stays at 0 and no local hashrate (i can see nethasrate at 103)
    any idea why thats happening?
  16. CarpeExonumia

    CarpeExonumia VeriSocial

    when you run getinfo does the block count match that of the current block number from the blockchain explorer ?
  17. Eran

    Eran VeriSocial

    This is what im getting.
    I'm running the server with ./veriumd -daemon
    I wait a few minutes, and type in getmininginfo - This step takes a bit to load up - then this shows up:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Do I need to run some kind of command to sync the blockchain like the GUI version does automatically or something?

    When I try and run it a second time it just hangs with no reply stopped it after 20 minutes.


    Also, how do I crate the wallet? Is it automatic? Do i need to setup it up with a password?
    does it mine automatically into the present wallet.dat?
  18. CarpeExonumia

    CarpeExonumia VeriSocial

    in your verium.conf file you should put


    along with the rpcuser and rpc password that is probably already there

    you can also limit the number or processors being used with genproclimit = x (e.g. 4)

    current block number is ~7300 at time of writing this

    Wallet is autocreated

    you can run ./veriumd help to get a list of available commmands, and to encrypt the wallet
  19. CarpeExonumia

    CarpeExonumia VeriSocial

  20. Eran

    Eran VeriSocial

    Thank you, stats looking better now.

    I'm running a 35 cpu server, but with genproclimit=35 - I still only see 1 CPU running fully using 'htop' (althu every few seconds a different cpu is running at 100%, seems like it switches around) - How do I make all the cpus run at once?

    edit: they all run - just had to wait for everything to sync.
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