Verium Hashrate Comparision

Discussion in 'VeriTalk' started by souljah1h, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. souljah1h

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  2. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

    Could use some AMD input :D
  3. Alben

    Alben Member

    I submitted. My question is.. I have an i5 6600k 3.5 GHz with 8 GB DDR4 ram. Is the limiting factor my processor or memory? I'm assuming processor..but would like an excuse to get an extra 8 GB of ram if I knew that would increase my hash rate.
  4. effectsToCause

    effectsToCause VeriCoin Creator Administrator

    With the testnet2 final parameters of 128MB, using 4 processors you only need 512 MB ram (128x4). So more ram will not help, possibly a faster speed RAM may help some, but not sure about that. As long you have the necessary RAM for all the processors the primary thing that improves numbers is the number of physical processor cores you have.
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  5. vtec2liter

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  6. Veri-MAD

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  7. veryveriviral

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    These are reasonable hash rates. Look at that OC'd Core i5 pulling it's weight.

    lol at Doug OS... :ufunny:
  8. vtec2liter

    vtec2liter VeriAwesome

    :rolleyes: You have to be Trolling right? Just saying..:ufunny:
  9. vtec2liter

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    Overclocked CPU hashing much better :thumbsup:
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  10. souljah1h

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  11. Devin

    Devin Member

    Just saw this post. Updated the form with my current miner info..
    8 threads
    ~ 380H/m
    Faster than an AMD 8350?!
    I was inspired by "birty" on the STEEMIT blog. I have some other SBC's on order to test out relative performance.
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  12. tr116

    tr116 VeriNew

    Has anyone one of the new AMD Ryzen CPUs and can do a few benchmarks?
    Best whould be with the veriumMiner and different thread counts to see if there is an optimal thread count.
  13. Ernie_C

    Ernie_C ☆ Verified ☆ Forum Staff

    I'm wondering which of these to get for my next budget computer build, which has been long overdue: an older 8-core Intel Xeon E5-2670, which can be bought for a paltry $180 new or $120 used, or a relatively newer Core i7-5820K Haswell-E, which has 2 fewer cores but runs at a higher clock speed and which is both faster and friendlier to overclocking (up to around 4.5GHz) but is more expensive yet still relatively cheap compared to a lot of the newer higher-end chips.

    Does anyone have any other recommendations for a fast budget build?

    Edit: the Intel Core i7-3960X 3.3GHz Six Core looks good as well and can be found for around $200 used. Judging by the Verium Hashrate Comparison, where it produced one of the highest scores (as of this writing), it definitely sounds like another one to consider.
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  14. You want go wrong with i7 5820k build hi end pc around this last year and it's fantastic great verium miner too
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  15. Ernie_C

    Ernie_C ☆ Verified ☆ Forum Staff

    That's definitely good to hear!

    I'm also looking at an older Intel Xeon E5-1650 3.2GHz Six Core, which has come down in price thanks to a glut of them hitting the used market. One lucky user has successfully overclocked his to 5.3GHz but I doubt that I'd be that lucky. I'd be good with 4.5GHz, which seems to be the average overclock for that chip. I guess the only major drawbacks are 1. finding a good motherboard to pair it with and 2. the fact that the E5-1xxx series of chips can't be run in a dual configuration like the E5-2670's.
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  16. tr116

    tr116 VeriNew

    A friend of mine made some Ryzen benchmarks. Doesn't look much better than a all the i7s. Top Hash rate was 2600. And it looks like no benefits from SMT.

    What are the top hashrates for a Intel Core i7 5820k or Intel Xeon E5-1650?
  17. Devin

    Devin Member

    My understanding is that the Ryzen cpu's have half the AVX performance as Intel clock for clock. I still like AMD and want to build a desktop once things settle down with Ryzen.
  18. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    Can we build a small single board cpu miner with amd processors?
  19. Devin

    Devin Member

    i think the smallest possible Ryzen setup would use the Mini-ITX sized motherboards (don't know if they are out yet). AMD is coming out with their own implementation of ARM but it hasn't come out yet.
  20. tr116

    tr116 VeriNew

    Does anyone know hash rates of the old Inel Xeon 5600er Series?

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