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Discussion in 'VeriTalk' started by Nine10toes, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Nine10toes

    Nine10toes Veri Dedicated

    Love the Verium, love the Vericoin. when it was announced Vericoin 2.0 it was kinda secretive never did totally understand what was to come. Is this the end result from that announcement, or does Vericoin 2.0 still have more to release?
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  2. effectsToCause

    effectsToCause VeriCoin Creator Administrator

    VeriCoin 2.0 will be complete when Verium and VeriCoin are merge mined.
  3. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    Thatll probably be soon. Happy to see whats next.
  4. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

    Vericoin 3.0? :whistle:

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