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Discussion in 'VeriCoin Support' started by Redsandro, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Redsandro

    Redsandro Member

    Since last night, my Vericoin wallet stopped syncing. It has about 10 connections constantly, but it's not catching up with anyone, and slowly lacking more and more blocks behind.

    I also have a larger than average stake interest payout as last entry. These are the same symptoms I experienced at the beginning of the -> update spree.

    Can anyone confirm?
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  2. Redsandro

    Redsandro Member

    I redownloaded the blockchain and for now it seems to work again.

    Something fishy is going on. There are maybe 50 interests generated in the past couple of days and none are 'accepted'.

    What does this mean?
  3. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

    The reason why that happend.

    If you are having problems getting synced / getting on the right block do the following -
    Use File > Reload Blockchain if out of sync. Bootstrap just got updated.

    Client should be on same block as chainz. Check that here or in the wallet.

    Nothing fishy going on I can assure you. Generated but not accepted means you probably where not on the same blockchain as Chainz for some time (thats why you need to reload the blockchain - to get on the right chain). It generated interest but not on the right chain, thats why it's not accepted. If you are synced up again and on the right block the payments should come again :) Hope this helps!
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  4. lootz

    lootz Member

    yea this problem this the block constantly not syching is really annoying, I just restart the client and it back up to date but came on here to say that this is really annoying and fustrating as I am probably not mining anything because of it. So I wasted all that electricity while I was not here for what ?
    my only other option is to shut off all the computers with secured vpn connections just for mining. this is probably why the network hashrate is so low
  5. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

    Block sync problem should be solved now.

    Mining? You mean staking?
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