VeriCoin 1.6.1 - Welcome to PoST!

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  1. VCFAdmin

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    VeriCoin 1.6.1 - Welcome to PoST!

    VeriCoin 1_6 PoST Promo.png

    *Updated to reflect that the current VeriCoin version is 1.6.1


    VeriCoin is proud to announce the release of Wallet 1.6.1 which prepares our users for the highly anticipated, and first of its kind, Proof-of-Stake protocol appropriately titled - Proof-of-Stake-Time, or PoST for short.

    PoST is the first non-linear Proof-of-Stake system and improves upon several aspects at once. In addition to a novel new interest mechanism, how actively you stake your coins is now factored into your probability to complete a block.

    This approach greatly increases security while improving distribution of the consensus.

    PoST is more fair, more secure and provides more incentive.

    PoST Figure2.png

    PoST Figure3.png

    VeriCoin Wallet 1.6.1 is available to Download here.

    For more information about Proof-of-Stake-Time please review the White Paper here.

    *VeriCoin will change from Proof-of-Stake to Proof-of-Stake-Time after
    Block# 608100

    - The VeriCoin Forums Team
  2. VRC Ninja

    VRC Ninja Veri Dedicated

    Just wanted to say the smoothness to updating wallets to newer versions is amazing. I had the new 1.6 wallet in less than 30 seconds using the check for update function. Literally no down time!
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  3. vtec2liter

    vtec2liter VeriAwesome

    Yep, clearly the best wallet in crypto.:thumbsup::coffee:
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  4. veryveriviral

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    Yeah the auto-update is ridiculously convenient.
    Same for Turbo-Bootstrap and the ReScan Wallet features too.

    Obviously a change to the underlying protocol is much, much more difficult to do but there's something to be said for practicality and usability.

    After all... that's the ultimate goal here right? For people to USE it. ;)
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  5. vtec2liter

    vtec2liter VeriAwesome

    I still say security security security. People would put up with a little inconvenience if they know there coin is secure.:thumbsup:
  6. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    We're thinking of ways to have both. Not an easy nut to crack though.
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  7. onsightit

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  8. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    Awesome just updated the wallet. Love that auto update feature.
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  9. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

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  10. Vishera

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    Personally I don't think that article was a load of crap. The math that the guy did was nowhere near realistic. Like having a wallet do nothing but stake for 1,000 years without ever spending, or investing? I'm sorry, but the point of Crypto Currency is CURRENCY. It's going to be used to transact with other accounts... Duh. I'm not going to be staking my VeriCoin for 1,000 years... That's Impossible.
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  11. crackers

    crackers VeriSocial

    Is there a bootstrap file I can download?
  12. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

    It's in the wallet, Click File > Reload Blockchain.

    It downloads the bootstrap automatically :)
  13. crackers

    crackers VeriSocial

    I'm running the wallet headless for the multipool....
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  14. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    @crackers - Links are here
  15. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

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  16. crackers

    crackers VeriSocial

    Great, thanks!
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  17. mikezika

    mikezika Member


    Hey guys, really excited for Verium tonight! A few days ago, I downloaded my Vericoin Wallet to my desktop at home and have been trying to transfer my funds from my Bittrex wallet to my Vericoin wallet since. My Vericoin wallet keeps saying "Synchronizing with Network #####'s of Block Remaining." It will sync up eventually, but then a few seconds later it will start syncing again. Also my Balance/Transactions say, "out of date." Meanwhile my Bittrex wallet transaction to my Vericoin wallet says, "Pending." Am I missing a step here after I downloaded 1.6.1? Please let me know of any ideas I can try. Sorry for being a noob, but I would really like to get in on this Verium purchase tonight! :)
  18. nikon

    nikon VeriSocial

    Hello ! A very excellent and safe wallet ! I really like it .

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