stuck on block 1768500

Discussion in 'VeriCoin Support' started by Jeff.Masse, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Jeff.Masse

    Jeff.Masse VeriImpressive

    hello guys, i haven't used my wallet for a while, now it is updated, it says staking but my problem i'm stuck on block 1768500 and it doesn't move from there, i've tried desinstalling - re installing nothing works, even tried to install it on another computer that runs windows 10 - my regular computer is windows 7 .. emptied the roaming folder, downloaded blockchain nothing works . please help
  2. Jeff.Masse

    Jeff.Masse VeriImpressive

    ** UPdate **
    Looks like it is updating nicely with connection now, added the vericoin.conf from the thread on top ! nice thanks

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