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Discussion in 'VeriTalk' started by LibertyNow, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    I know this isn't the price speculation for this coin, but take a look at BitCoinDark? I mean just today it's price and market cap sky rocketed.

    When will VeriCoin's time come?

    Looks like it's almost here.

  2. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    Screenshot_2017-03-27-16-21-51.png was just looking at the blockchain is this showing that one person owns about 250,000 or 25% of the circulating varium in the market?
  3. Veri-MAD

    Veri-MAD Forum Staff

    I'm rather sure that's an exchange address
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  4. effectsToCause

    effectsToCause VeriCoin Creator Administrator

    Yeah that's probably bittrex. No ico investor bought anywhere near that much.
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  5. bicstempsen

    bicstempsen Member

    im the guy whos selling 219 vrm for 219 btc. my fingers and balls are crossed.
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  6. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    Okay because that's a lot of Verium and that person would be really rich when Verium becomes worth ways more than it is, I'll be super jealous.

    Dude could 'a been a trillionaire (<---- Why is there a red line under that word? I'm sure I spelled it right)
  7. vericoholic

    vericoholic Member

    Where is rafeal jose? Did he get banned? I thought he wouldn't let vrc go above 3.8k?
  8. pi933

    pi933 Veri Dedicated

    He's over on bitcointalk now. I think his latest word is that he's going to let it go to 8.5k before he makes it go back to 3.8k.
  9. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    Well that would be cool, a dip in price before I go all in with my 700000000 BitCoin xD
  10. bicstempsen

    bicstempsen Member

    he said his mom grounded him and took away his computer privileges
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  11. Ernie_C

    Ernie_C ☆ Verified ☆ Forum Staff

    I saw him in Poloniex's Trollbox. He's pumping Vericoin now. :rolleyes:
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  12. pi933

    pi933 Veri Dedicated

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  13. SOOSHI

    SOOSHI Member

    Chain merge?
  14. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    Lol I got fed up with that guy I blocked him on the forums. But that is funny haha how he's just pumping like that after all that. He's so two face.
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  15. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    You know, nobody has posted here in a while.

    Lets talk about the price since the last post. Whos happy with their portfolio? I only wish I had more Verium.
  16. VeriDoge

    VeriDoge @Veridoge Veri Dedicated

    LMAO the troll is where he belongs, back in the box!

    And yep I'm very happy with the price and the fact that I found a load of vericoin I forgot I had (I never store my coins all in one place) if only I can get it syncying.

    This alt party has been amazing and vericoin is up like 5x from a few months ago and it hasn't even had its spotlight moment yet :D
  17. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    I wouldn't exactly call him a troll, even though I have him blocked on these forums, he did stir up the pot and make things happen for VeriCoin through his hostile post here on the forums. A good reason we set off was because of his post, and he was right about many things.

    Nothing was happening with VeriCoin for over a year.
    He's probably rich by now with what he invested. He trolled, and price came down... That's probably when he bought a lot. Little by little!

    And your right. The party for VeriCoin hasn't even started... The new wallet hasn't been released, the App hasn't been released, and the marketing campaign, I believe it hasn't even been launched yet. All we have is hype now, thanks to the newly released roadmap. It's getting in different languages now. The more the merrier.

    When all this does get released, I will expect the price to reach at least $1. But I think because of the available supply of VeriCoin, 30,000,000 coins in circulation - 2,000,000 about for the burned stake account. 28,000,000 coins is not a lot. There are coins out there with a billion coins in circulation; and those are the coin's that I haven't really focused on because I never expected much from a coin with that much.

    I think VeriCoin has the potential to reach way past $1. To where I can't even predict it, or just don't feel comfortable giving one price and it going so much higher. I'm saying. VeriCoin is worth $1 to me right now. I'll reevaluate this quote in a few months when things start moving for this coin.

    When we get into the spotlight, and I know we will. VeriCoin has always been a top 10 coin for me. We should be in the top 10 I believe.

  18. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    So a new wallet update comes out, and price does nothing. I thought that it would do something.
    Maybe just not this wallet update, but the next one will. We'll see.
  19. Ernie_C

    Ernie_C ☆ Verified ☆ Forum Staff

    The Chinese seem to be buying.

  20. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

    Looks like it :D Jubi was going crazy.

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