*New* Official VeriCoin Development RoadMap - 2017

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    New Development Roadmap V1 - 2017


    开发路线图 V1

    More Languages will be available including Russian, Hindi, Spanish and German.

    More updates to come.

    This VeriCoin Roadmap illustrates the projects that are currently being worked on by the VRC developers and can be used to track the progress of each project. Brief project descriptions are provided by the developers to give the VeriCoin community a better understanding of where the coin is headed.

    You can influence the development of new features by voting here:

    Community Feature Request Poll

    *Features implemented via the Community are designated as "CFR" - Community Feature Request.

    Current Projects & Planned Features
    Verium assembly level miner optimizations
    Submit PoST White Paper for peer review
    Private Decentralized VRC/VRM trading
    Verium and VeriCoin 2.0 White Paper
    Optional Tx's With Comments in UI
    Unique DeCen Usernames
    Design Update
    Multi-Send Transactions (CFR)
    Thresh - 2FA (CFR)

    Completed Projects & Features
    New VeriFund using ICO funds
    Security - Further Protocol Optimization
    Updated Bitcoin talk thread
    Security - Excess Age Consumption
    Remove Sync Checkpointing
    Remove SuperNodes
    Added 45 More Languages
    Security - Orphan Spam Blocking
    Improved Overall PoST Efficiency
    Improved Fiat Purchasing In Wallet
    Android HD Lite Wallet
    Proof-of-Stake-Time Protocol
    (PoST) White Paper
    Password Login To Encrypt Wallet
    Turbo Bootstrap
    Wallet Auto-Update
    Option to Hide Decimals (CFR)
    News Ticker in Wallet (CFR)
    Official Forums
    New Wallet UI
    New Vericoin Website
    Android Wallet (Old)

    Project Descriptions
    • Verium - New PoWT CPU commodity protocol with variable blocktime and blocktime dependent rewards
    • Verium / VeriCoin 2.0 White Paper - Paper on Verium protocol and VeriCoin pairing.
    • Username/Anon White Paper - Paper on new anon system.
    • Decentralization - Remove Sync-Checkpointing and Supernodes from source code and network.
    • Submit PoST White Paper Addendum - VeriCoin will be submitting an addendum to our original Proof-of-Stake-Time white paper published on May 10th, 2015. We will be adding more details and math to support our claims. This will be submitted to a Blockchain/Cryptography based peer reviewed journal.
    • Optional Tx's With Comments - Allows users the ability to attach notes to their transactions in order to keep account/receipts for future reference. *Both comments and TX ID's will be searchable with new column.
    • Design Update - Update to complement technology and brand going forward.
    • Password Login To Encrypt Wallet - Users who encrypt and stake their wallets are now required to enter their password as a security precaution. This was a Community Feature Request.
    • Android HD Lite Wallet - (New) Updated BIP32 encrypted Wallet with VeriBit and ShapeShift built in.
    • Thresh (Two-Factor Authentication) - Not your average 2FA. :whistle: This is a Community Feature Request.
    • News Ticker in Wallet - A scrolling ticker in the wallet that displays the latest official VeriCoin news to notify users about upcoming features, pending updates, or problems. *Added option to disable. This was a Community Feature Request.
    • Option to Hide Decimals - Options toggle in the wallet to disable or enable the display of decimals in the VRC amounts. This was a Community Feature Request.
    • Publish PoST White Paper - VeriCoin 1.6.1 issued in a new and unique Proof-of-Stake protocol called Proof-Of-Stake-Time. The protocol is exponentially more secure, rewarding and will be the first completely DeCentralized PoS protocol once Sync Checkpointing is removed. You can read about it here - http://bit.ly/PoSTWP
    • Proof-of-Stake-Time - The next generation of the Proof-of-Stake protocol. This enhanced PoS method (PoST) will make stake distribution more fair, vastly increase network security and allow VeriCoin to remove Sync Checkpointing entirely.
    • Wallet Auto-Update - A feature that allows the wallet to notify the user when a new version is available and optionally download and install that new version.
    • Turbo Bootstrap - A method of downloading / synchronizing the blockchain that can reduce the time from several hours to just a few minutes.
    • Username & Anon Whitepaper - A technical whitepaper providing details on the upcoming Decentralized Anon and Decentralized Username features.
    • Improved Fiat Purchasing In Wallet - A customized and more accessible VRC/FIAT portal for purchasing VeriCoin through the wallet with AltQuick.
    • Decentralized Usernames - A private and decentralized username implementation for ease of use, without the loss of security.
    • Decentralized Anon - A new, fully decentralized, privacy technology based on stealth addresses.
    • SuperNET Integrated Wallet - A wallet upgrade that includes full SuperNET access as well as numerous other enhancements and improvements (including a decentralized exchange)
    • SuperBIT - One of VeriCoin's core contributions to the SuperNET will be a completely DeCentralized version of VeriBit which will "attach" the ability to spend ANY coin within SuperNET wherever Bitcoin is accepted.
    • New Wallet UI - Simple, clean lines, consistent branding and user friendly interface.
    • New Vericoin Website - A new, sleek, easy to navigate site crafted by a professional designer.
    • Android Wallet - (Old) An Android version of the VeriCoin wallet which includes VeriBit and a QR code reader.
    • VeriBit - Pay for anything with VeriCoin anywhere that Bitcoin is accepted, right from the VeriCoin wallet!
    • VeriSend - An optional coin mixing service for full transaction privacy in the wallet.
    • VeriSMS - A service that allows VeriCoin to be sent to/from nearly any cell phone in the world using SMS (text messaging).
    Additional Notes

    First Decentralized protocol level Proof-of-Stake coin.

    Blockchain Innovation and Privacy - Simplified.

    - The VeriCoin Forums Team
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