New Member Restrictions

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    New Member Restrictions

    New members to the VeriCoin Forums, the members with the "VeriNew" title, will have a few less privileges than established members. This is mostly to restrict the actions of any spammers than manage to slip through the registration process before being caught by the Admins and Mods. These restrictions will be removed shortly after a new member posts just five messages (these include replying to a post within an existing thread/topic).

    New members will be unable to:
    • View the Member List
    • Report content
    • Ask new FAQ questions
    • Like FAQ answers
    • Like posts
    • Delete own posts
    • Edit own thread title
    • Vote on polls
    • Start personal conversations with other members
    • Edit own personal messages
    • Edit signature
    • View / Manage / Like / Post / Edit / Delete own profile posts
    • Add / Edit / Delete own media comments
    • Report media
    *These restrictions will likely be tweaked over time. Unfortunately they are a necessary evil at the moment to prevent possible abuse.

    - The VeriCoin Forums Team

Thread Status:
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