My 9000VRC is on the blockchain

Discussion in 'VeriCoin Support' started by cyakkun, May 27, 2017.

  1. cyakkun

    cyakkun VeriNew


    9000VRC which I sent from bittex into my Mac wallet but the VRC is not received.
    How do I solve this problem?

    My Vericoin address


    1Not yet redeemedVE4VeEgF2xBt27Uw4Wzg1WZHxmTpgwtPXY9,000.0 VRC

    05/26/2017 VRC 9000.00000000 Completed

    • Address: VE4VeEgF2xBt27Uw4Wzg1WZHxmTpgwtPXY
    • TxId: ec3625734e8639f2e7a88912c0d41decebcfd4e414a44423ca427ea99035a7f2

    Complete VRC 100.01000000

    2017-05-26 09:18:46

    Address: VLsEcAy7fF6ynSeiybtpq5jhXNoK76Pmzr

    Txid: 4f4bbad80f808bf0b11b8756083f76127c7b5d0e8b3511e59cd9947e739c21b5

    Complete VRC 100.01000000

    2017-05-26 04:33:46

    Address: VE4VeEgF2xBt27Uw4Wzg1WZHxmTpgwtPXY

    Txid: 4960ae10627329de1019fa800c2294c955875944f4be848179abaffe1ae400c9

    Complete VRC 10.01000000

    2017-05-26 01:25:04

    Address: VJAvThruFz3GWrFKnLCorD1br6bKSxJ8sk

    Txid: 26cd1e2909179e77d7a3a8eafb410d124381bfde96bd13d2e602d3b2b420b21e
  2. cyakkun

    cyakkun VeriNew

    Solved I got 9200VRC in my wallet ! Thank you so much for help !
  3. srcafe

    srcafe Member


    I have the same problem. How did you solve it?

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