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Discussion in 'VeriTalk' started by Veri-MAD, Sep 16, 2016.

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    This forum is your marketing, problem is in the SEO. SEO link building is needed, keyword research, Sitemap, etc. Paying for marketing is silly unless it makes a long term white hat difference.
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    The backlink to this site is little to none, If you want to get attention get out to other Relative forums to Crypto, tech, etc. and start posting with a link back to this site
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    These links below are the only ones giving this site google link juice. And no dont pay for them the work is what google loves. Find another forum and post what vericoin is all about and at the same time add a link back to this site. This is just 1 tactic to get started on
    Link Analysis - Backlinks 13 url(s)
    Date created: 9/17/2016
    Url PA AR Ext Indexed 42.00 917853 0 - 42.00 917853 0 - 42.00 917853 0 - 42.00 917853 0 - Anchor for: Anchor: Forum Follow 26.90 6230 0 - 24.70 917853 0 - 1.00 12218324 0 - 1.00 7821998 0 - 1.00 7821998 0 - 1.00 7821998 0 - 1.00 91871 0 - 1.00 - 0 - 1.00 - 0
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  4. Rafael i am all for free speech and expressing yourself but come on mate,this constant bashing of vericoin/verium and people involved will do no good for our cause,I purpose we draw a line under it now and move on with the task of making this coin valuable and in turn us investors rich!! We are trying to attract new investors and build our profile and that is something we all can get involved in,A positive helpful community will be a good start and i believe you have a lot to offer,lets work together,grow together and who knows where the future will take us.
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  5. I think it might be to early for a mining pool just now,true it can take a while to find a block,i regularly don't find a block for 3 days at a time but some days i find 4 blocks in a day so it evens out over the long run,faster blocks would be great yes and the more miners we have the faster the block times,this is something we can disuse though and see if we would benefit from the exposure having a pool gives you,I agree that an Ad campaign is very important to get the word out and attract new blood,EffectsToCause is working on marketing as we speak and sounds like things are coming along nicely,One answer might be to speak with Minergate as they are setup for CPU mining so would be very easy for them to add our coin but we would loose all the benefits of having our own pool then
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    Don't worry, we both know your number 2:crap:
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