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Discussion in 'VeriTalk' started by Veri-MAD, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Veri-MAD

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    We need to get on the marketing now since we are on a exchange, get people interested and drive volume. If volume comes we will be able to get the VRC/VRM trading pair
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  2. Veri-MAD

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    English M*therf*cker! Do you speak it!?!
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  3. Veri-MAD

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    Cállate la boca! Sus mentiras están envejeciendo !
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  4. vtec2liter

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  5. vtec2liter

    vtec2liter VeriAwesome

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  6. Veri-MAD

    Veri-MAD Forum Staff

    Las palabras nunca podrían decir lo estúpido que creo que eres
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  7. ohNomang

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    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I don't know exactly what you guys are saying to each other but this is pretty entertaining.
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  8. souljah1h

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    Behave please? :)
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  9. BitCoinDragon

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    It is hard not to feed trolls. But at least trolls, though loud and in your face are relatively harmless. I think they get lonely....You know? Being trollish and all. I wrote some verse about trolls once. I'll see if I can find it. Yep found it. I'll post it here..

    Forgive me for the ramble. It has been quite some time.
    We should get this thread back on the rails!

    This dragon is seriously unconnected, inexperienced, and under equipped to head any sort of marketing campaign. I think we should Schedule a meet up in the chat room, discuss idea's, perhaps appoint some individuals to coordinate what ever needs coordinating, etc etc.

    I feel like we have been struggling with this marketing thing for ever. But like I said, unconnected, inexperienced, under equipped, and under funded. We need to pool our resources, like those dwarfs do to get more hash. (I love dwarven hash.) Truth be told I am happy with Vercion just the way it is. ( I recently camped for a week in the Colorado Rockies, courtesy of Vercioin. But that is neither here nor there.)

    If we want progression and growth as a community, we all need to exercise patience, tolerance and understanding. We can all learn a lesson from the creators, Ever have I seen them shrug off blows from, succubi, goblins, thieves, and many furious blows from sometimes truly malicious trolls.

    See how I ramble?

    I have many time slots that I can work with. 10:00 AM- 2/3:00 PM most days. (MST) and after 12:30 AM most days (MST)
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  10. Veri-MAD

    Veri-MAD Forum Staff

    Eso se mantenga derecho a hablar ... te ves como un idiota aún más grande cuando se abre la boca
  11. Veri-MAD

    Veri-MAD Forum Staff

    Agreed...we need to be smart and efficient with funds we have gained from the ICO.

    I think hiring a marketing firm might a waste of resources. Can we look at possibly hiring individuals who have proven to be connected and effective.

    Hire some Twitter, Reddit and Steemit campaigners and look at hiring some competing devs to work on projects for Verium and Vericoin.
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  12. Well said BitCoinDragon,Couldn't agree more,count me in.
  13. Will23

    Will23 Forum Staff

    Count me in for a Skype call to discuss marketing ideas. In in the CET time zone, do could maybe do a call next Tuesday or Wednesdsy at around 5-6pm EST.
  14. Veri-MAD

    Veri-MAD Forum Staff

  15. Veri-MAD

    Veri-MAD Forum Staff

    perra por favor!
  16. vtec2liter

    vtec2liter VeriAwesome

    What are we 5? Seriously grow up and get a life.
  17. Open a topic on marketing and expect to read a discussion on marketing. While two morons insulting each other in various languages is an interesting marketing strategy(NOT), I highly doubt it will produce the results you are after.
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  18. effectsToCause

    effectsToCause VeriCoin Creator Administrator

    On an actual marketing note. We have been in discussion with @Krazyrican20 PR company friend. He is very knowledgeable and is developing a low cost viral strategy to consider. Once we have more details we will discuss with community but it looks like he knows what we need and will forge a good plan on the cheap. More details to follow.
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  19. Veri-MAD

    Veri-MAD Forum Staff

    I'm the better moron tho, right?!?
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  20. BitCoinDragon

    BitCoinDragon VeriImpressive

    Excellent. Looking forward to hearing what they have to say. I feel it will be good to have a fresh perspective from a company that makes it their business to market. Some things should be centralized. I have seen a lot new faces in the community in the last four months or so. Many of them seem like veri capable and competent people. I have also seen a lot of passion go to waste for lack of patience.

    I don't know enough about mining and pools, excepting the obvious from the meaning of the words themselves. However, it sounds like something that would/could get people interested. Is it usual for a coin to support a pool that mines it? Sounds like it could be a can of worms, and not the kind for fishing. Idk. Also, I from what I have gathered, cloud mining is a thing with Verium. It probably would not be hard to purchase some cloud hash. (I'll refrain from the joke.) But again, is that something that could be justfied? Would a community pool fall under "Third Party Partnership"? My ignorance there is obvious.

    I wonder. If we picked a day and a time and tried to meet on the Vercoin chat channel once a week, with the specific goal of discussing the marketing and dissemination of information by various means, would that be a good idea? I can be there any day in the mornings US time.
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