Lost my coins- Please Help!

Discussion in 'VeriCoin Support' started by Newbie214, May 20, 2017.

  1. Newbie214

    Newbie214 Member

    Hello Vericoin community,

    I purchased vericoins in 2014 and had them in a wallet which I still have. I have not been staking since that time, I kinda forgot about it... so it's been years since I've opened the wallet.

    I recently downloaded the latest verium wallet and used the same password as my old vericoin wallet thinking that the coins would just appear, but the coins are all gone - zero coins showing.

    How can I recover my coins? Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance guys.
  2. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    What I am hearing is you downloaded the Verium wallet, for your VeriCoin?

    Those are 2 different coins, and 2 different wallets.
    Try downloading the VeriCoin wallet and try again.
  3. Newbie214

    Newbie214 Member

    Sorry, I misspoke... I did not download the Verium wallet, but actually the Vericoin wallet. Sorry for the confusion.

    All the blocks are downloaded and all of my coins are still gone.

    I'm not sure if it was a mistake to use the same password for the new wallet. Hopefully there's a way to recover all my coins.
  4. Newbie214

    Newbie214 Member

    Also, thanks for the reply Vishera. I appreciate your help.

    Kind Regards,

    Kevin T.
  5. pnosker

    pnosker Administrator

    Hi, did you back the wallet up after it had coins? Are you synced up?
  6. Newbie214

    Newbie214 Member

    Yes, I backed up the wallet in 2014 after the coins were there. Yes, I am synced up as well.

    I am 100% certain the coins were on there.. One day in 2015 (and only for one day), I loaded the wallet from the same (2014) backup and saw that the coins were there... so I know they were there. It's been over 2 years since I last checked. 2 days ago, I loaded the newest vericoin wallet, used the same password that I've always used, and to my surprise, nothing is there.

    Anything I can do to maybe retry or something? any steps to follow? sorry, I'm really new at this stuff.
  7. pnosker

    pnosker Administrator

    If you're 100% sure it's on that wallet.dat file, and you are synced, use the file->rescan option.
  8. Newbie214

    Newbie214 Member

    Ok, I'm trying that right now. I also have other backups of the wallet which I would like to try. I tried reinstalling the wallet as well, but it no longer asks me to import a wallet.dat. How can I reinstall the wallet and import a different version of my wallet.dat backup? Thanks.
  9. Newbie214

    Newbie214 Member

    The resync didn't work, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I'd like to try other backups that I have.. how can I do that? thanks.
  10. pnosker

    pnosker Administrator

    If you're on Windows, you will just drop the wallet.dat file in %appdata%\vericoin

    Make sure you rescan after putting a new wallet.dat in.
  11. Newbie214

    Newbie214 Member

    WOW... i got em back!! Dragging the wallet to appdata did the trick! Thanks so much Pnosker, Vishera, and the whole team!! I really appreciate the help ;)
  12. pnosker

    pnosker Administrator

    Glad it worked!
  13. Stani

    Stani VeriNew

    Hello there for a year ago there was a update for the vericoins Android wallet from unek and since then i couldnt get in my wallet i Have talked to some Patrick from unek and he could get me my coins and send them to a new wallet if i could mail him with my email from whom i registred with i couldnt get in my mail now i can and i was wondering if i could get my coins back??

    Hope that someone can Help me

    Thanka in advance
  14. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

    @Stani Please email vericoin@vericoin.info

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