Have you forgotten your VeriCoin Wallet Password?

Discussion in 'VeriCoin Support' started by Janek, Nov 26, 2016.

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    I personally didnt use. There was no need.

    ,,We helped Ludvig Öberg (@ludvigoeberg), Co-Founder of Safello and Board Member of the Swedish Bitcoin Foundation, to recover his lost Ethereum coins, from his eth pre-sale wallet. Here is his tweet: https://twitter.com/ludvigoeberg/status/706066193258512384 ""
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    Lets hope that I will never use this service! Keep your wallet.dat saved to a safe place :)
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    Hello a Time ago i has. Android wallet downloaden from the app store but there was a update and after that i couldnt het in my wallet so i Have mailed with someone from unek i think it was the maker or developer for the app and he could send me the coins if i send him An email from the mail i Have registeren my account but i couldnt het in there but now i know my password again so i was wondering if i still could het my vericoins i hve mails the person which i Have my conversationele but he didnt react so if someone could Help me wouls be great


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