[ANN] New VeriCoin HD "Lite" Android Wallet Available For Download

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By VCFAdmin on Jun 30, 2015 at 7:29 PM
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    VeriCoin Announces New HD "Lite" Android Wallet


    This New Wallet is more secure, more private and more convenient.
    • More Secure: New BIP32 Key Generation
    • More Private: The User has full control of their Private Keys
    • More Convenient: Backing up your Wallet is easier than ever
    *Please do NOT delete your old VeriCoin Android Wallet if you still have coins in it. You will have to transfer them to a new Mobile or Desktop Wallet before you remove.

    **You can have both Wallets but ultimately you'll want to replace the old one at some point.

    You can Download the New Android HD Wallet by visiting the Official VeriCoin Website or by Downloading and installing from the Google PlayStore.
    Thank you!

    - The VeriCoin Forums Team

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