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Discussion in 'VeriTalk' started by VCFAdmin, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee LynxLee VeriSocial

    Hi guys, I'm Daniel - from Malaysia. I'm an IT apps admin that's super active online. I think some of you probably retweeted my tweet about ShapeShifting RDD to VRC.

    I learnt about Bitcoin from some online podcast, articles and then got in touch with some Bitcoin fellas locally to exchange for Bitcoins. I pretty much find any possible way to get more bitcoins - cloud mining, investing, faucets, etc - all except development. Though that'd be cool if I got the skills.

    I've kinda wasted half of my bitcoins investing in some exchange, cloud mining and altcoins; but I made back some as well. Then I started to get the whole idea of the whole bitcoins/altcoins after almost a whole year of trying/testing/experimenting (since May 2014).

    After comparing altcoins, I have to say - I really love the development/features of Vericoin. Active development and updates, POS-T, limited supply (agree with @VeryVeriViral about coin supply on the first post), VeriBit, and the wallet is super awesome!

    If there's anything I can do to help, do let me know. I'll be glad to.

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  2. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    @Daniel Lee - I've seen a few of your posts on Twitter.

    Super happy to have you here!

    Poke around and if you have any questions feel free to create a new thread for the Community to answer or DM me or @Rekatan

    Welcome to the forums! :cool:
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  3. Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee LynxLee VeriSocial

    Much thanks. Will surely play around the forum for now. :cool:
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  4. Rich

    Rich Forum Staff

    Hi folks. I'm Rich. I'm volunteering for web development. I'm just in it for the cool t-shirt. THERE IS A T-SHIRT, RIGHT?
  5. onsightit

    onsightit Developer

    Hey Rich! Thanks for helping out. I forgot all about the T-shirt. Last time I saw it, one of the devs was wearing it at a convention in NYC. :rolleyes:
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  6. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    Hey dude! I actually have two VeriCoin shirts, a full Poker Set and stickers.

    Lots... of stickers...

    Welcome to the forums! :thumbsup:

    Have a gander. Or two.
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  7. I am the guy

    I am the guy Member

    Hello there,
    So I decided to join the Vericoin camp 7 days ago (staking since) and I love VRC! 3 cents a pop, I couldn't resist and I bought a stash of VRC! I am in it for the long haul and I'm glad I choose Vericoin :D (fist pump)
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  8. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    Hell yeah! Welcome to the forums man!

    Lots of great info stuffed in these parts.

    Have a look around and if you have any questions - fire away. :thumbsup:
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  9. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    Long haul is what we like. 3 cents now, yeah, that's still undervalued we think. Someday, I hope to see it worth 1 VRC.

    See what I did there? hehe, I completely removed us from comparing us to USD and BTC. XD
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  10. Rich

    Rich Forum Staff

    I see what you doged there.

    Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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  11. lxtik

    lxtik VeriSocial

    how much vericoins will be ?
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  12. pi933

    pi933 Veri Dedicated

    My personal analysis in the short term (~1 year) is that it will top out around 70k satoshi, as measured against the bitcoin. The long term projection is not predictable. However, the development team is never 'leaving' so as long as they keep innovating like they have been... the long term potential could be huge.
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  13. lxtik

    lxtik VeriSocial

    70 k satoshi is good.
    but how much coins will be created . 100 mil or some bilions?
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  14. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    Welcome to the forums @lxtik

    The "How Much Will VRC Be?" question probably belongs in the VeriTalk > Price Speculation thread.

    For your other question try starting a New Thread in the VeriTalk section.

    Thanks again and welcome aboard! :)
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  15. pi933

    pi933 Veri Dedicated

    Please read through this thread to get an idea of how Vericoin is generated:


    Currently the total supply is 27,180,308 and it grows at ~2% per year.
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  16. DarkWolf

    DarkWolf VeriGreat

    I'm really new to vericoin. I just learned about it 3-4 days ago. I really like your client and how lightweight it is. Before I was a bit conecerned about rich getting richer problem of PoS but now I think PoST solves that problem. I think that vericoin has a big potential. I'm sorry for my bad English in advance (if I've made some mistakes). I'm not a native English speaker.
  17. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    Welcome to the forums @DarkWolf

    PoST solves many problems at once.

    The more VeriCoin you own the more interest you'll receive BUT it's not solely dependent on pure ownership of coins now. It has just as much to do with how actively you stake your coins.

    If you actively stake your coins you will earn more Stake-Time. The longer you spend staking your coins - the more likely it is for you to pass a block, earn interest AND help secure the network.

    But the mechanism that is really interesting is... the more people who choose NOT to stake their coins... the higher the network's interest rate will climb.

    It's a pretty novel system. If everyone staked their coins - everyone would earn ~2.0 % APR and the network would be ridiculously secure.

    Anyway - have a look around and if you have any questions feel free to open a thread in VeriTalk. :)
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  18. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    Now that sounds great. Veri great. haha
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  19. CryptoLover

    CryptoLover VeriNew

    I am @cryptolovers on twitter, i found about vericoin when it was veri new i remember selling vericoin around 700 satoshi in the start when there were some problems with the wallet...vericoin is popular due to its development ofcourse but also the major pump ;)
    I always wanted to come back into vericoin and finally decided to jump back in, bought some coins after 2014..already excited.
  20. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

    Welcome to the forums @CryptoLover! Glad you found this place. If you have questions let us know! :thumbsup:
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