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Discussion in 'VeriTalk' started by VCFAdmin, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. VCFAdmin

    VCFAdmin Forum Staff

    Welcome to the VeriCoin Forums!

    We aim to provide answers to those new to Digital Currency and VeriCoin in particular.

    We are also here to help support the VeriCoin community grow - providing an easy going, fun platform where users can share their thoughts and interact with one another.

    Having a spectacular coin with a sound fundamental economic model and super ambitious, laser focused, hard working Developers is not enough! We know how important a community can be and are committed to same the long term visions that the VeriCoin developers have.

    Please take a moment to introduce yourself in this thread and thank you SO much for being a part of what is just the beginning of an exciting journey!

    - The VeriCoin Forums Team
  2. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    My voyage into Digital Currencies.

    I remember first hearing about BitCoin like two years ago but completely ignoring it. Then last year - in early January or around there... that word "BitCoin" popped up again. I remember seeing it at $17/share. I was weighing my financial options at the time and considered it too much of a risk AND too much of a hassle to invest in. I would still check in on the price from time to time and the fact that it kept going up really dug at me.

    Then it soared. I wasn't going to invest in it at that point so I looked into the whole "mining" thing. It really was over my head but I got the gist of it. I was VERY close to purchasing some crazy supposed "top-of-the-line" mining rig but then I began hearing about customers being ripped off left and right. Whether the companies took their money and ran or they delivered the mining rigs months after they promised they would - it was far too risky for me - yet again. (My good friend actually jumped into a "group buy" but the rig was never delivered and his money was returned.)

    Then Mt.Gox. That right there killed my belief in this whole "BitCoin" thing. However I still found the entire thing fascinating and being a lover of technology always kept my eye on it.

    LiteCoin. Dismissed it right off the bat. I just felt that it was simply "riding the wave" left behind BitCoin. I guess, in some ways, it was but regardless it became incredibly successful and introduced me to the world of Digital Currency as a whole.

    Then around mid June or so my friend introduced me to a friend of his who enjoyed trading penny stocks etc. He was pointing out how the Digital Currency market was exploding at the moment. So I looked back into it. I checked out the market caps of the top 20 or so coins. I was specifically looking for a coin that simply made sense - both economically and branding wise. The only AltCoins that really jumped out at me were NXT, Ripple and VeriCoin. But the amount of coin supply on both NXT and Ripple simply turned me off.

    Then I watched the first Google Hangout with the VeriCoin Developers and could NOT buy in faster! These guys were/are great! A face behind these very strange little coins along with the long term interest rate and staking process made me a believer. After doing more research I fully realized the potential of the block chain and was FINALLY

    I bought in at 39k satoshi and have yet to sell one. (Although I have donated/contributed to MANY different VeriCoin related projects etc.) I have also continued to add more and more $VRC - even picking up a few at under 9k!

    I don't think people fully realize how great of a Digital Currency VeriCoin really is. That… is exactly why I'm here and will remain so until VeriCoin is mentioned in the same breath as BitCoin and LiteCoin.

    As for who I am personally - I'm a former audio engineer and underground Hip Hop artist who is always looking for the next great thing to invest my time, money and energy in.

    I've found it.

    Jay Jay
  3. ScottAllyn

    ScottAllyn ¿ʇɐɥʍ VeriAwesome

    I purchased $20 worth of bitcoin over four years ago. I wanted to subscribe to a certain usenet related website at the time and the only payment method they accepted was bitcoin. I'd never heard of bitcoin at the time and was annoyed at the hoops that I had to go thru to get some...

    I had to download the wallet, get the address, submit the address to some website and then call a 1-900 number and punch in the code given to me by that website. Next, I had to listen to a recording of some lady counting off the minutes in broken english. After 20 minutes, I hung up and checked the wallet for the expected payment... nothing.

    It took over 3 hours for the coins to show up. I can't remember how many there actually were, but I do remember thinking that it felt odd to be paying for access to a website with so many "fake dollars" (as I thought of them at the time).

    I sent half of them as payment for access to the website and then uninstalled the wallet, figuring I'd never use the remaining bitcoins. Yes, I uninstalled the wallet. The idea of digital currency just seemed dumb to me at the time.

    In more recent years, I've spend countless hours frantically searching thru every old hard drive that I own, hoping to find that wallet.dat file. I don't remember how many bitcoins were still in it, but I'm pretty sure it was at least a couple thousand.


    They're gone.

    That was my first exposure to digital currency. :D
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  4. Reavon

    Reavon Veri Dedicated

    I am 1,5 years in crypto now. Have made some good trades with Bitcoin and that spark lit up my attention to the Cryptoworld . I started to read very much about how it works and what the benefits are. All that brought me to the altcoins, where everyone claimed they have real improvements above Bitcoin.

    I decided for myself that only PoS coins could give the world the ecofriendly cryptocoin use as there are no miners needed and also because of the slightly inflation there would be a economical push for people to invest in real world buisnesses and a inflation arround 1,5 and 2,5 is perfect for that . As a student for economical science that was important for me too.

    So Vericoin was the perfect match for me. It is easy, it works and it has a great community .

    So here i am, for you in Germany .

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  5. Veri-MAD

    Veri-MAD Forum Staff

    Yo! Formerly MAD945 from BTC Talk here...love the new wallet and forums
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  6. SurlyParker

    SurlyParker VeriSurly VeriSocial

    I'm a lurker from BTC talk, New forum is really slick, nice job guys!
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  7. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    Thanx guys! Sorry for the wait! Feel free to poke around and let us know your thoughts on the new forums here! :D

    Jay Jay
  8. effectsToCause

    effectsToCause VeriCoin Creator Administrator

    Yeah guys great job on the new forums wow! Welcome everyone!
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  9. souljah1h

    souljah1h infinite potential Forum Staff

    Thanks i feel welcome!
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  10. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    You are! Everyone is. :cool:
  11. onsightit

    onsightit Developer


    Nice forums, guys and gals.
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  12. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    @onsightit Appreciate everything you've done so far. Made the entire process much easier for Doug. Thanx!
  13. Ollie73

    Ollie73 VeriGreat

    Hey, I got several good data recovery tools if you ever need some to recover that wallet.dat
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  14. vtec2liter

    vtec2liter VeriAwesome

    SUP!!! Love the Forum and Love the wallet GJ Devs
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  15. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    @Ollie73 Awesome! There's probably a lot of people that could use those tools.
  16. pnosker

    pnosker Administrator

    Hi everyone. I'm Pat. I've been working with Doug and David since the get go developing VeriCoin. I specialize in the block chain network with my daily duties of managing the supernodes, website, etc. and doing some wallet work as well as working on new features.
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  17. veryveriviral

    veryveriviral VeriCoin Marketing/PR/Media Forum Staff

    Awesome! Really glad to have you here man. You've been busting your ass with those supernode issues from the server update. Appreciate you taking the time to pop in - I know you're a busy dude.

    @pnosker You're like a god in Crypto - you know that right? lol

    Anyway I really hope you enjoy these forums. Think it's going to be a big deal going forward.

  18. ereborltc

    ereborltc @KUNACHII twitter VeriImpressive

    Hey everyone! Im @kunachii on twitter ,gimme a follow! :)
    This forum is top!
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  19. Amalgamus

    Amalgamus VeriSocial

    Hi everyone,
    Vericoin is the first coin I bought when I got involved with altcoins. Been holding and buying more since the 10th of June. Great community and great Devs. I am holding long term. Can't wait to trade some vericoins on the nxt platform! :)
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  20. Ollie73

    Ollie73 VeriGreat

    Luv the layout of this new forum, Veri easy to navigate
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