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23 conducted a brief interview with our very own Douglas Pike (@effectsToCause) regarding VeriCoin's recent announcement of becoming a SuperNET Core Coin:

Check out the full interview...
It's official, folks! VeriCoin is now a SuperNet Core Coin!

VeriCoin will have primary access to all the great technology built into the SuperNET, and these technologies will be accessible right from the upcoming SuperNET integrated wallet. Being part of the SuperNET core also enables VeriCoin to earn a share of the SuperNET revenue stream!

The VeriCoin developers are also working directly with James on a special VeriCoin feature for SuperNET (details will follow before too long).

Share your comments, questions, ideas, etc below. :)

VeriCoin Interview With YoCrypto!

Excellent, extensive interview with the core VeriCoin Developers!

"Or even with BitCoin - although Satoshi Nakomoto still remains a mystery - there has been plenty of non-anonymous contributors to the idea of a cryptocurrency along the way including Hal Finney, Wei Dai and Nick Szabo. Currently Gavin Andresen, Jeff Garzik and Peter Wuille provide somewhat of a “face” to the coin."

- Pat Nosker

Lengthy but revealing! :cool:
I wanted to take a few moments to share my thoughts on the current situation for VeriCoin. My goal in writing this article is to clearly lay out the reasons I personally feel VeriCoin (VRC) is a top digital currency. I think anyone who is currently invested in VeriCoin, has at one point been invested in VeriCoin or has been thinking about investing in VeriCoin will benefit from reading this article. I apologize in advance for the lengthy post but I feel it was worth while. I hope you enjoy :)

Now you might call me a bagholder or a cheerleader for taking the time to write all of this, but the truth of matter is; I am far from either. I will be honest and admit I am both invested in VeriCoin...
It looks like Moolah is closing up shop, folks:

If you have coins on Moolah, you have until Oct 31st to withdraw them manually.

MintPal, which is currently managed by Moolah, has also been shutdown due to some critical errors, tho it has been handed off to a new management team, so it may reappear at some point in the...