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Our friends over at have just added VeriCoin as a payout option.
Pool Details
  • No registration. Use a wallet address as a username
  • Automatically exchanges mining rewards to the currency of your username address
  • Auto convert is disableable for currencies you want to keep
  • Seamless merge mining
  • 2% fee
  • No payout transaction fees
  • Miners keep block transaction fees
  • Currency conversion fees are passed along to miner
  • Vardiff enabled + manual difficulty selection available
  • Daily payouts - Very low minimum balance
  • PPLNS payout
Fire up your miners and point them at the new...
This build has a couple of bug fixes and code changes. If you're upgrading from, you only need to uninstall and install; there's no need to delete any files in the data folder or download the bootstrap files. Read below for more details.

What changes were made in fixed a vulnerability in the protocol where a buffer in variable interest amount could be exploited on a hacked version of the wallet to gain more interest per stake. This was fixed and the network and wallet are more secure and stable then ever before.

What changes were made in fixes a wallet balance display bug...
Edit: This version has a non-critical bug that may result in the wallet showing an incorrect balance if staking is enabled. has been released to address this bug. Please visit the topic for instructions, downloads & discussion:

This build addresses the sync issues that many users have been experiencing with

What happened with was a failed attempt to fix a vulnerability in the protocol where a buffer in variable interest amount could be exploited on a...

Edit: This version has a bug that affects network syncing. Please wait for the next version (probably, which will address this issue. If you have already updated to, we recommend closing the wallet and waiting for the next release which *should* be out today.

Hi Guys,

A bug in the protocol was brought to our attention by rat4 developer of Blackcoin, many thanks to him. We have patched that and made some other important updates to the protocol that will enhance security and performance. This is a mandatory update but does not require a reload of the blockchain if you haven't experienced any sync...

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