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What's New in VeriCoin 1.5.1


VeriCoin Wallet 1.5.1 brings Mac OSX compatibility, practical useability features for new users, great options for advanced users, UI improvements, bug fixes and even a specific Community Feature Request.

  • Full Mac OSX Compatibility
  • Auto-Bootstrap For New Users
  • New Login Screen for Encrypted Wallets
  • New Settings Option to Lock Wallet
  • New File Option to LogOut/Lock Wallet
  • History Tab Now Shows Total Volume of Transaction Per Type
  • UI Window Improvements
  • Bug Fixes...

The new VeriCoin Wallet 1.5 is now available for download. This version includes many new features and enhancements as well as numerous minor bug fixes and code tweaks.​

*Although this is not a critical update, we do recommend that all current VeriCoin users upgrade to 1.5 in order to take advantage of the numerous improvements.

Please read this entire post prior to upgrading!

Changes in 1.5

New chart option:

color1.jpg color2.jpg

Wallet Downloads
Here are the latest wallet downloads and source code for Windows,...

VeriCoin 1.5

This Friday, January 23rd, the new VeriCoin Wallet 1.5 will be available for download!

The new wallet 1.5 brings many new, exciting features that are sure to surprise and delight the Digital Currency Community.

There are a multitude of new Tabs Sections including: "SuperNET", "Chat", "Forums" and "BlockChain". The team has also introduced a Real Time scrolling "News Ticker", the option to set the number of Decimal Places, as well as, added more avenues to acquire VeriCoin with the "Get VRC" Tab....​

Introducing Merged Mining Pool

Our friends over at have added VeriCoin as a payout option.

Pool Details
  • No mining fees!
  • No registration. Use a wallet address as a username
  • Automatically exchanges mining rewards to the currency of your username address
  • Auto convert is disableable for currencies you want to keep
  • Seamless merge mining
  • 2% fee on profit-switching port, 1% fee otherwise
  • No payout transaction fees
  • Miners keep block transaction fees
  • Currency conversion fees are passed along to miner
  • Vardiff enabled + manual difficulty selection...

In the spirit of community and decentralization Steve started helping out on a few things with development as an active community member. Once he sunk his teeth into the code he became a development powerhouse and has spearheaded new great features in the 1.4.2 wallet coming out soon, including turbo bootstrapping and in client updating.

Steve is not only a great programmer, but really great to work with, so having him on officially is an all around win for VeriCoin, and Steve can now experience what we love about developing digital currency, the feeling that we are a part of building the future.

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