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VeriCoin Wallet 1.6.2

*This is simply a maintenance update that addresses sync issues and mini-forks.

Update from Within Wallet:
Please go to File Menu > Help > Check For Update

Also available at VeriCoin's Official Website:

- The VeriCoin Forums Team

VeriCoin Announces New HD "Lite" Android Wallet

This New Wallet is more secure, more private and more convenient.
  • More Secure: New BIP32 Key Generation
  • More Private: The User has full control of their Private Keys
  • More Convenient: Backing up your Wallet is easier than ever
*Please do NOT delete your old VeriCoin Android Wallet if you still have coins in it. You will have to transfer them to a new Mobile or Desktop Wallet before you remove.

**You can have both Wallets but ultimately you'll want...

VeriCoin 1.6.1 - Welcome to PoST!

*Updated to reflect that the current VeriCoin version is 1.6.1


VeriCoin is proud to announce the release of Wallet 1.6.1 which prepares our users for the highly anticipated, and first of its kind, Proof-of-Stake protocol appropriately titled - Proof-of-Stake-Time, or PoST for short.

PoST is the first non-linear Proof-of-Stake system and improves upon several aspects at once. In addition to a novel new...



A purely distributed consensus in an efficient digital currency would enable a nearly instant and nearly free transaction system across the globe; independent of border, nation, government or bank.

We herein propose a time-accepted nonlinear consensus that maintains the efficiencies of Proof-of-Stake, while increasing the distribution and security of the consensus system with a diminishing probability to find a proof...

What's New in VeriCoin 1.5.2

VeriCoin Wallet 1.5.2 brings greater security, practical useability features for new users, more options for advanced users, UI improvements and a few bug fixes.

  • Mandatory Wallet Encryption for Increased Security
  • Merged VeriBit with Send Tab
  • Address Tab Moved to File Menu
  • News Ticker Toggle
  • Alert Messages in Status Bar
  • UI Window Improvements
  • Added ShapeShift Portal to Get VeriCoin Tab
  • Bug...